Products I've Loved In The First 3 weeks

Knowing what to buy for your baby can be overwhelming. There are so many options of baby items on the market. I did a ton of research and consulted with my best friend before making my purchases. I created a highlight on my Instagram showcasing most of the things I purchased and also published this post with my amazon baby list. I would still recommend everything I bought.  That being said, I thought it would be helpful to share with you the top products that I absolutely loved having or used every day for the past (almost) 3 weeks since Navy was born.

1. The Snoo- This was a last-minute decision for us and probably the best decision we ever made. We decided to rent it since I think Navy will move to a crib at around 3 months and therefore it didn't make financial sense to purchase it. I would HIGHLY recommend it.

2. The Baby Shusher- We brought this with us to the hospital and it has calmed her down since day 1. We primarily use it when we are changing her and when we are in the car or out for walks. We even purchased a second one, just to make sure we always have one readily available!

3. Changing Pad Liner- I love these to put over your changing pad. Just be ready to do a ton of laundry, since we need to wash them almost every day.

4. Disposable Pad Liners- We stole a few of these from the hospital and I wish we had taken a million more. Since #3 above needs to be washed so often, I decided to order a huge pack of these. They are disposable, which makes it a lot easier. I use them on top of my changing table when the others are in the wash. I'm also going to start using them for naked tummy time.

5. My breast friend- What would I do without this? Makes feeding way more comfortable. In the hospital the nurses would help position 4 pillows to make feeding comfortable, but who has time to recreate that with a screaming newborn ready to eat.

6. Burp cloths- I love these and they're so soft.

7. Vava light- This is hands down one of the products we use the most. I feed Navy in our bedroom at night and use it while I'm feeding and then when I'm changing her. That way I don't have to open the bedroom light and wake Ray (or wake up Navy more than necessary).

8. Haakaa- I have an overproduction of milk, so the haakaa has been amazing. Without pumping I have tons of milk stored in the freezer already.

9. Pacifier- I was really hesitant to introduce one, but Navy loves it. Unfortunately, she doesn't love the pretty ones I purchased (like the Bibs) but loves the Avent one.

10. Clothes- Navy lives in Kickee Pants and Spearmint Baby footies (I personally don't mind snaps). But I will say, the shark one we got from Target (that Ray chose) has been one of our favorite jammies, and so has this one and this one from Old Navy (I plan on buying them in 0-3 months since she is outgrowing newborn). On that note, I suggest having no less than 10 newborn footies. We can easily go through 5-6 in a 24 hour period. Also, I purchased cute clothes from the Gap for newborn...don't. Luckily most of what I bought is 0-3, not newborn. It's such a pain and I always end up changing her out of the outfits and back into footies. Stick to 0-3 months for cute clothes.

11. Nail file- Navy was born with really long nails and they grow so quickly. She scratches her face all the time, so I need to file them a lot. She doesn't mind it at all!

12. These pajama pants- I live in them 24/7 (I got them in a Small and Medium, but only wear the Small).

13.  Stain remover- We use a mix of this one and this one. As mentioned, we go through 5-6 footies in a day. These are good to remove any poo stains. Also (and this is gross) but when their belly button is falling off, they can get some blood on the footies. These help to remove it.

14. Lansinoh breast milk storage bags- for the obvious reasons.

15. Lansinoh gel pads- These were amazing for the first two weeks when you're adjusting to breastfeeding. I ordered them twice.

16. Baby blanket- omg, I love this one so much. We used it coming home from the hospital and use it in the stroller or car seat every time we leave the house. It's so warm and cozy and the perfect size.

17. The Nanit- best decision we made. The image is so clear. Very happy with my research.

18. Water bottle- This makes it easy to drink while feeding (because you'll be so thirsty all the time) and keeps your water so cold throughout the night. I ordered it right when I got home from the hospital.

19. Coffee- just kidding!..but not really ;)

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