Kelly is the inspiration behind She Went West. As the name suggests, Kelly moved from Montreal to Los Angeles (with a stop in New York in between). Kelly's style is a combination of New York's polished and timeless sophistication with Los Angeles' relaxed and minimalistic vibe. Her ability to elevate basics (from style to decor) in an accessible way draws in her audience. She Went West is a guide to effortless glamour, a stylish lifestyle and affordable elegance. 

Kelly graduated from NYU with a degree in communications. During her time in NY, she interned at various fashion magazines and PR firms. She loved immersing herself in the industry but felt she wasn't ready to stop learning. Kelly then went to law school in Montreal and became a member of the New York and California bar. She relocated to Los Angeles with her husband and puppy to start her career. Shortly after settling in, she knew it was time to combine her passions: sharing her lifestyle (from wellness, to decor and style) and running her own business.

She Went West has worked with a range of brands, including, but not limited to, Saks, Nordstrom, Sephora, Four Seasons, Rugs USA, Framebridge and Guerlain. 

For collaborations, partnerships or to request a media kit please email kelly@shewentwest.com 

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