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When I announced my pregnancy, I asked everyone I knew and trusted for their baby list. I figured there would be tons of overlap, and I could consolidate the various lists into one. I read one, and then another and then another. Shit...they were all different. How could that be?? How many diaper pails, bottle warmers, and baby monitors could there be?! The answer is a ton. I needed to rethink my game plan. My best friend, Fallon, had a baby 5 months ago and she was my go-to for all pregnancy-related questions. I decided to essentially copy everything she bought (with some minor variation). Last time I was in Montreal we spent hours building my Amazon cart of all the essentials you need. These are the products she actually uses every day, not just ones that are on your registry. We have since spent hours refining the cart (because yes, I'm crazy like that). Bear in mind that I'm not having a shower, so Ray and I are personally paying for 95% of these things. I wanted to make sure I chose the right stuff. This morning I finally clicked check out on my cart (yikes!) but it needed to be done, haha. The below is exactly what I bought.  I hope this list is helpful! xox


  • The Newton Baby Mattress- we (as in Fallon and I, lol) went with this one because very breathable. I'll take any safety precautions I can. 
  • Crib Sheet- I went with this one. No real reason. I wanted plain white. I'll probably end up with a few and rotate 
  • Baby Shusher- This wasn't on Fal's list but I've read on several blogs that this is key. 
  • Baby Swing- Fal's baby loves to be in this. I didn't purchase it yet in case anyone wants to buy us a gift. If we don't get it as a gift I'll order it once she's here. 
  • Bouncer- this is another item that I really want but I'm going to wait and see if anyone wants to get it for us as a gift, since it is more expensive. 
  • On the Go Travel Sound Soother- okay so this isn't for the nursery but for on-the-go (just didn't want to make a separate category). Fal said it's amazing to attach to the stroller.
  • Mirror for car- again, this isn't for the nursery but for travel. Picked up this mirror. They all look good. This one was well-priced 
  • Baby head shaping pillow- to prevent flat head
  • Nightlight for nursery- this is on my list. This is another item I didn't purchase yet but if we don't receive it as a gift, I'll buy it
  • Nightlight for our room- Got this cheaper one for our room to put next to the rocking chair

Clothing (I'm going to do a separate post on clothing but here are two things I bought on Amazon)

  • Kickee Pants- I purchased this black-footed zipper onesie on Amazon and it's literally the softest onesie ever. Its made of mostly bamboo cotton, which baby girl needs...obviously ;). They make the best solid colors. 
  • SwaddleMe- Fal told me that this swaddle was the easiest to use. They're a bit pricey but apparently make all of the difference when your baby is fussy, you're sleep-deprived and you just need them cocooned. 
Bath Time
Baby Care 101
  • Thermometer- Fal actually suggested the old school thermometer you use in their bum, since it's supposed to be the most accurate for a newborn. But I'm just not sure about doing that lol. So for now, I got this one. We'll see if I change my mind when she is here. If you are going to use an old school one, make sure you also buy these
  • Nail Trimmer- There are so many of these but Fal has this one, so I got this one. 
  • Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water


  • Pampers Pure- apparently they give you a ton of newborn diapers at the hospital in the US but I still got these 
  • Changing Pad- I went with the 4-sided one so she doesn't bang her head. And it's waterproof. 
  • Waterproof Changing Pad Liners- to put on top of changing pad cover when changing her
  • Skip Hop Diaper Changing Pad Bag- Fal says this is key for changing the baby when you're out of the house. 
  • Aden + Anais Changing Pad Cover- went with this simple white muslin cover. I'll probably purchase 2-3 more before she comes. 
  • Diaper Genie- okay, so this was super controversial (even on my Instagram!). I asked on Instagram for people's favorites and got soo many different answers (and people feel quite strongly about their choice). Fal has the Ubbi but I really wanted the foot pedal. If I don't like it then I'll just get another one. It's not the biggest investment. 
  • Water wipes
  • Aquaphor diaper cream- Fal loves this one because it's clear
Some other things that I didn't get but that I'm considering
  • Wipe Warmer- some people love it, other people say it's useless
  • Boppy- not for feeding but for her to rest on
  • Soft bather- not sure why, seems superfluous but I still want it
  • Baby nasal aspirator- gross but I think I need it
  • Dock a tot- I would do this or the boppy (or none, haven't decided)
  • And of course the baby monitor, which we haven't chosen yet. I'm leaning towards this one

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