Packing for Montreal and Miami

If you are reading this you are probably like me: terrible at packing. By terrible I mean we overpack. Period. I could have one suitcase for my shoes, one for my clothes and a carry on for all my cosmetics (but Ray would kill me). Without a doubt I end up wearing 50% of what I bring. Not only do I overpack, I start thinking about what I will pack days before I actually leave on a trip. This time I am going to Montreal and Miami, so packing is even trickier. I started laying out my clothes for my trip and decided to share my packing list.  I hope you find this list helpful xox

Photography by Felicia Lasala

Jean Jacket by Hidden jeans

* Keep in mind I am going to Montreal and Miami. If you are going away to a different climate, make changes to the list as necessary. I linked the actual items I am packing below.

Blouses: I generally pack 4 blouses that I can wear to dinner/nights out. If you have more fancy dinners then bring more. I tend to do half fancy, half casual. For the casual dinners I'll just wear jeans, a tee and pumps with my moto jacket. 
T-shirts: Normally I pack 2 black, 2 white and 1 grey tee. They can be worn during the day as filler pieces or at night when I'm going somewhere casual.
Jeans:  I generally bring 1 black jean, 1 dark blue denim (no rips), and 1 light denim (with rips). This time I am also bringing 1 light pair with no rips. 
Jean shorts: I normally bring 1 light pair of jean shorts and one dark pair. This time I am also bringing a denim skirt.
Dresses or two-piece sets: I normally bring 1-2 from this category. I am bringing this navy two-piece loveshackfancy set and a loveshackfancy dress.
Jackets: I always bring this Moto jacket. Firstly, it is so light and doesn't take a lot of room in my luggage. Secondly, it goes with every outfit.
Loungewear: I always pack 1 comfy pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt (I love to be cozy!)
Pajamas: I only pack 1 pair (comfy shorts and a tee)
Intimates: no need to go into detail on my bras, underwear and socks ;)
Swimsuits: ugh this is a constant struggle for me. I always feel like I don't have any bikinis and stress out before vacations. Then I get too cheap and don't end up buying new ones. Anyway I try and bring 3.
Purses: I bring one purse for at night (normally my small black Chanel) and one purse for the day (alternate between my black Gucci, black Celine and my beige Chanel).
Shoes: I bring 1 pair of black heels, 1 pair of light heels (either nude or white), 1 pair of cute sandals, 1 pair of slides for the beach, 1 pair of sneakers and 1 pair of wedges. This trip I am bringing my black YSL tributes, white Manolo Blahniks, the River Island sandals I posted on IG a few days ago, new adidas sneakers that I'm obsessed with and white nike slides.

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