The Flowy Blouse

It's Friday! I'm particularly excited because I have one more week of work and then vacation (who am I kidding, I'll likely work on vacation...but at least it'll be on my mom's couch or on the beach). We're heading to Montreal for a few days and then Miami. The perfect combination. I'm trying to negotiate with Ray to bring two suitcases instead of sharing one since we have to pack for two climates. So far I haven't been so successful. 

If my wardrobe was made up of all Storets blouses I would totally be okay. The details are always so beautiful and the styles are so different then what you see in the typical department store. I live close to Neimans, Saks and Barneys and every time I browse the racks I get this overwhelming feeling that nothing seems new (and everything is now over $300!!)

When I first tried this blouse on I was worried it would make me look preggo. Which brings me to a side note. The downside of being married for a few years and not trying for a baby is that everyone always thinks that you're trying. So when you wear something flowy, they think you're hiding something. Annoying! Anyway, tangent over. Once I put on this top I knew I would be obsessed. Just make sure to pair it with skinny jeans or pants and you are good to go!

Photography by Felicia Lasala

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