What a Weekend

If you guys follow my IG stories you know that I had the craziest weekend. On Saturday I woke up early to go for my run and saw that Luca had puked all over the bed (and end board...which is made of fabric). I felt so bad for the poor guy but he seemed totally fine. Luca has a really sensitive stomach and we are in the middle of transitioning him from dog food to a 100% human food diet. We have been told by countless people that it helped cure their dogs of ear infections.  He definitely LOVES human food so I'm looking forward to seeing if this will finally help cure his ear infections.

I cleaned up the bed (it magically came out of the bed frame) and went on my run. I then got home and got into the shower and Ray went for his run. I was all relaxed and zen until I tried to turn my shower off. I went to turn the knob to the right to shut off the water and it wouldn't turn. NO JOKE. I didn't even know that was possible. So the water kept on rushing down and I couldn't stop it. Our shower didn't drain properly (which is now fixed) so the water started to rise. I got out and called Ray in a panic, telling him that he needed to sprint home to help me. He got home but wasn't able to turn it off either. 

Anyways long story short it started a small flood, we had to take buckets of water out of the shower to stop the flooding until the plumber got there, and our shower is now out of commission until they come back. Luckily we have another shower in our unit. Anyway, to say that put a damper on our weekend plans is an understatement. We managed to turn the day around by going for a cheap massage in the afternoon and dinner at Church Key (which was so good!) Sunday we spent the day by the pool at the Mondrian, which was so nice and relaxing. There is nothing that a little rosé cant fix.

Let's finally get to this outfit. This is my favorite Moto jacket of all time. I bought it so many years ago at Club Monaco. The fit is just incredible. I have to say some of my most simple outfits are my favorites. I just love a good pair of denim, white tee, cute jacket and heels. This necklace added a special touch. Hope you all have a great week xox

Photography by Felicia Lasala

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