Navy's 8 month schedule

This post is long overdue (Navy is now 10 months!), but I thought it was still worth sharing. When Navy was around 7 months old, people kept on asking me if she was down to two naps (with the assumption that she was). I would mumble "sort of" under my breath. The truth is, Navy wasn't ready to drop her third catnap. Every day on our afternoon walks she would drift off to sleep for 20-30 mins. I remember stressing about it, thinking she should outgrow it and it would affect her nighttime sleep. Looking back now, I can't believe I stressed about it. The fact is, babies will show you what they need and what they don't. One day she was simply no longer interested in falling asleep during our daily walks. She was up and energized. She showed me when she was ready to drop the catnap. So while I'm sharing her schedule below, it's just to share an example of an 8-month-old schedule. I suggest researching a bunch of schedules to see what works best for your little one. 

Here is Navy's 8-month schedule (that we still use today): 

7:00- wake up and bottle (if she wakes up earlier, we wait until 7 to go in her room unless she's crying)
8:00- breakfast
9:00-11:00- nap 1 and bottle (although these days she barely drinks this bottle anymore)
12:00- lunch
2:00-4:00- nap 2 (sometimes this nap is only 1-1.5 hours)
4:00- bottle
6:00- dinner
7:30- bottle and bed

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