Products You Need For starting Solids

We recently started Navy on solids (at 5.5 months). I was so excited for this chapter. Navy...not so much. Let's just say it didn't seem that she liked anything I tried to feed her (apples, pears, bananas, spinach, broccoli etc.). I am glad to report that the past couple of feeds were way more successful! We're getting there.

Here is everything I bought related to introducing solids:

1. High chair- This one is a classic. It's great because it grows with your baby (can eventually be used as a chair). It also has an adjustable footplate, which is key (provides stability and comfort for babies).  Make sure to buy the complete set.

2. Beaba- Makes it so easy to make baby purees.

3. Utensils- I recommend these spoons to start. Navy loves to hold them. She can chew on them since they have a flat and textured surface (which is also supposed to help soothe sore gums). I bought these spoons to feed her. And lastly I got these spoons for when she's a bit more advanced and wants to feed herself (it's actually a spoon, unlike the other ones she can hold which have a flat surface).

4. Bowl Placemat- This suctions to the table. It helps to promote self-feeding. And it comes in pretty colors.

5. Bib- this one is easy to clean and comes in pretty colors.

6. Food storage- I got this to store purees in the freezer.

7. Sippy cup- I got this sippy cup and this one. So far, she doesn't understand how to drink from them. But they come highly recommended.

8. Fresh Fruit Feeders- We started with these before we introduced purees and she loved them (I used bananas, avocado etc.)


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