What You Really Need in Your Hospital Bag

While I was pregnant I did tons of research on what to pack for the hospital. You can read that post here. I thought it would be fun to do a post on what I actually used, and what was a waste to pack. I will say that I would always err on overpacking than underpacking, personally. I'd prefer to bring too much than feel like I wish I had packed something. That being said, I didn't use a ton of the stuff I thought I would. I should mention that most of this applies to US hospitals. I'm not sure what they give you in Canada (which I know is a lot less than they do here).

Things I didn't use:

  • Grip socks- I never took mine out of my suitcase. I did use my slippers and slides (the slides I used as shower shoes). But I really didn't walk very much in the hospital so I never felt the need to bring out the socks (I just wore the slippers to go from my bed to the bathroom and back).
  • Oversized underwear- I just used the underwear that they gave in the hospital. I'm telling you, it's so much easier to just use those and then throw them out (the first few days aren't pretty, as you can imagine).
  • Airpods- I didn't end up using mine. I played music on our speaker the whole time.
  • Diapers, tucks, Frida mom kit- If you live in the US, save all of these for when you're home. They give you everything you need at the hospital. The Dermoplast spray they give you is amazing (I liked it way better than the tucks). They also give you these ginormous pads, which you'll want the first few days. The only thing I'd suggest bringing is the Frida Mom Peri bottle. It's a lot better than the hospital one. 
  • My Breastfriend pillow- The nurses will help you get comfortable nursing with several pillows surrounding you. We never even took my Breastfriend pillow out of the car. 
  • Baby outfits- I brought way too many outfits for Navy. I only dressed her the day we left. Otherwise, they gave her shirts and would swaddle her. 
  • Water wipes- they give you wipes and diapers, leave yours at home.
  • Burp cloths- they give you so many (and make sure to steal some! They're great when you don't want to use pretty swaddles etc). 
Things I'm really happy I brought
  • Comfortable loose black pajamas- I didn't like wearing the hospital gown so I switched into my own clothes as quickly as I could. They were loose and cozy, which is exactly what you need at that time. I'm still living in them at home.
  • Long iPhone chargers- key!
  • All my toiletries- I did end up showering, which felt amazing. I just didn't bother washing my hair there.
  • Slides- I wouldn't go barefoot in a hospital shower. 
  • Lansinoh breast gel pads- you need these at the beginning. I ended up ordering more when I got home. 
  • Baby shusher- Omg we are obsessed with this. Navy loves it! We kept it in her bassinet at the hospital and we ordered another one when we got home. We use it when we change her and when we take her on walks.
  • Nail file- people made fun of me for this but Navy's nails were soo long when she was born. She kept on scratching her face. 
  • Speaker- I listened to music during my entire labor and delivery. 


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