The Five Minute Journal

I'm the type of person that loves the idea of meditating but can never find the time to do it. I know everyone always says you only need to spend ten minutes in the morning to meditate, but I don't have 10 minutes! I rush to wake up, drink lemon water, drink coffee, walk Luca, go to an exercise class, get back and get ready for work.

Okay, so maybe those are excuses and I can try and squeeze in 10 minutes, but honestly, it just stresses me out. That's where The Five Minute Journal comes in. And let me preface this by saying it should not replace meditation. But if you're like me, and finding it hard to get into the meditation groove but do want to start your day in a calm, centering and positive way, this is for you.

My best friend Emily came to visit last month and brought me this as a gift. It was the best gift ever as I wanted to buy it for myself for months. Every day starts with a different inspiring quote and then you fill out the same sections. Those are: 1) I am grateful for.... and list three, 2) What would make today great...and list three, 3) I am...and list two. At night you fill our three amazing things that happened today and how could it have been even better.

Straightforward and simple, right? But you can't underestimate the power of positive thinking and starting your day that way. I'm a huge believer in the law of attraction and this ensures that I practice what I believe in. It's so easy for me to wake up, scroll through Instagram, get upset and obsessed over the number of followers I gained or lost, start comparing myself to others, start worrying about everything I have going on that day etc. It's just not healthy and that energy won't get me where I want to be. The Five Minute Journal focuses my attention on the positive and shifts my thinking for the day.

Do you need The Five Minute Journal to do this? Nah. But I know I didn't force myself to sit down every morning and complete this exercise before I got it. It kind of keeps you accountable.

If you're interested in the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction, two books I love are The Universe Has Your Back and You Can Heal Your Life. I also love getting the TUT Notes From The Universe emails every morning.


  1. What a great idea to do this! I think it would be a great idea to try!