Framing with Framebridge

I've been getting so many questions about these frames so here we go. As you know, redecorating this bedroom really pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I've gone from shabby chic fanatic, to more clean/modern shabby chic and now to "let's see what I feel like this month." And this month I felt like embracing the LA/Palm Springs vibe. I wanted the color palette to be blacks/whites/dark greys and green plants. A sort of boho chic mixed with a Moroccan and Scandinavian flare. 

I knew I wanted the wall art to be a focal point in the bedroom. I spent hours on end scouring the Internet and Pinterest to decide which direction to go with. There was one Kate Moss print that kept on appearing in all my related pins. I loved the concept but wanted to do something different. My lengthy research eventually led me to Etsy where I found this Cat Stevens "Wild World" lyrics poster. I then remembered seeing this Kate Moss picture with her cowboy hat and thought it would be the perfect fit. 

Once I chose the two prints, I needed to get them framed. You think this would be the easy part. Try having two prints that are different sizes and having zero understanding of pixels/resolutions let alone access to photoshop. 

I decided to use Framebridge and they made the process so easy. The two prints were different sizes and I was having serious trouble figuring out how to stretch and crop them without ruining the pixels/resolution etc (even writing this is pure gibberish to me). So I decided to try the online chat on the website and the woman was so helpful. I sent her the two prints I wanted, told her what I was looking for, and she resized them for me. Then I got to choose what kind of frame I wanted. I love that you can see what the print will look like in the frame and even get a sense of its dimensions. It takes the whole guessing part out of the equation and makes you confident with your choices when you checkout. Not to mention, it's so much fun to play around with all of the different styles until you find the perfect one. 

When I got the frames in the mail I was so happy. They turned out exactly as I wanted. If you're looking for somewhere to frame your pictures or art I highly recommend using Framebridge. It's also a great gift idea for Father's Day, an anniversary, birthday etc. You can use the code "shewentwest15" to get 15% off your purchase.

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