dressing for LA weather

LA weather is really trying to challenge us die-hard fashion fanatics these past few days. As a general rule of thumb, a true fashionaholic will check the weather before planning an outfit. Is it a moto jacket and jeans kind of day? Or a skirt with white pumps? Are we feeling casual and cozy, or chic and elegant? While I will admit that in LA it can be cool one day and then extremely hot the next, lately it's been going back and forth in the same day! I will wake up and June gloom will be in full effect (and yes, I am aware it's still May). By the afternoon it's sweltering in the sun. And in the evening it's chilly where I even consider wearing a vest to walk Luca (but let's be honest, I'm from MTL so I end up in a t-shirt). 

So how does one dress for such odd temperatures? Layering. It's absolutely key. I cannot stress it enough. This look is my go-to look for days like this. It's also my go-to look when I have meetings all day. Offices tend to blast the AC and then when you go outside it's a million degrees. Invest in some good basics, like this Three Dots cardigan and white tank. The best part of layering is that you can mix and match. 

My mom and her puppy, Henry, are coming to visit tomorrow for the weekend. I can't wait!! Get ready for tons of Instagram story videos xoxo

Photography by Felicia Lasala 


  1. Love this black and white look! Layering is great advice for varying temps! Hope you have a great weekend with your mom!
    xo Jenna

    1. Thanks, Jenna!! Hope you have a great weekend as well xoxoxo