Leather & Stripes

Hey loves! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  My dad visited for the weekend and we did some fun shopping. Did you see my new purse on Instagram? Work hard play hard, right? I sure have been working hard over the past few months. Having a full time job and blogging is no easy feat! (Think waking up at 6 to engage on Instagram for an hour, run, work all day, eat dinner, go for a walk, work on the blog and engage on Instagram for a few hours, repeat). But it is so worth it.

Let's talk about this outfit. If you don't already own these Paige pants I highly recommend buying them. I've owned mine for years and still wear them all of the time. While I love wearing my J Brand leather pants, they can be a little intense (and hot) for every outfit I'm going for. This coated black pant is a nice mix between jeans and leather pants. Plus the zippers give them a chic edge. 

The long sleeve shirt is Rag and Bone. I know it's pretty expensive for what it is but it's such a great basic. I wear it with black pants, ripped jeans, white jeans, jean shorts etc. It has a raw hem which gives it that worn in cozy look. 

I am thinking about doing a post for Valentines Day on a Q&A about Ray and I. Let me know if you have any questions (about us, how we met, how he proposed, dating/relationship advice etc). Would love to know what you guys are curious about! xox

Photography by Felicia Lasala

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