Changing It Up

I won't lie, I am still not sure about these sunglasses. I bought them a few months ago because I felt like I was wearing too many aviators and should switch it up. Now I think I've decided aviators are just my look and I'm going to stick to them. Hope you guys don't mind! I will admit these photographed well and are fun. After posting my sneak peak picture on Instagram yesterday and seeing all your sweet comments about them, maybe I'm wrong and just not use to the change. 

These are the best leather pants out there. They are so fitted and comfortable. I have heard horror stories of people spending a lot on leather pants only for them to stretch out a few months later. With these that hasn't been the case. I love pairing them with a tee or long sleeve shirt and keeping it simple- with leather you don't want to overdo it. Hope you guys have a good weekend xox

Photography by Felicia Lasala

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