Pink & Gold

Normally I start my posts discussing the clothes and then move on to accessories but with this outfit I need to start with these Chloe shoes. I wanted these shoes forever. If any of you are fan you know that they've been around for a while. I could never pull the trigger because they were so damn expensive (yes, even more expensive than all of the other shoes I own). And they NEVER went on sale. Anyway, last year before Christmas I was in Bal Harbor in Miami and decided to go in to the Chloe boutique and take a look...quite honestly I would just be teasing myself but I couldn't resist. I mentioned to the sales woman my obsession with these shoes and she told me that these patent version were 40% off. 40% OFF!!!! I was ecstatic and grabbed them, of course. Anyway fast forward a year I walked into the Chloe boutique here in LA on Melrose wearing these boots. The saleswoman asked me about them and I told her I got them 40% off. She said that they brought them back this year and full price, since there was so much demand. Talk about getting lucky!

I love this sweater. It is even prettier in person. I shot this a while ago and since then so many bloggers have worn it but it is really special. The sleeve details are everything. 

I had such a fun shoot yesterday. Every time we finished a look I felt like it was my favorite one ever. Can't wait to share with you! xoxox

Photography by Felicia Lasala

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