The Best Thing About The Cold

Hey guys! So I know I've been complaining about the cold weather in LA lately (and I am not exaggerating- my friend landed from MTL yesterday and said it felt like the same temp!) but the best part about this weather is that I can finally put my Gucci princetowns to good use. And by good use I mean that it is actually weather appropriate to wear them, unlike when I wear them in the summer during the middle of a heat wave (anything for fashion, right?)

I contemplated buying these shoes forever. Every time I passed a Gucci store (in LA, Miami, NYC) I would go inside and try them on. Eventually everyone got fed up and said no more- buy them or don't. So I did and it was the best decision. 

This outfit I am wearing is a typical work outfit. Normally I will swap the Guccis for Manolos if I need to be more dressed up. The pants are from Zara and were less than $50- I swear I wear them 3 times a week. 

This weekend one of my best friends is in town so there will be a lot of catching up and girl talk. I also may drag her to IKEA to buy a full length mirror so that I can take pics of my daily outfits for you guys. Most people get their Instagram Hubbies to take pictures every day but oh boy, you do not want to see the pics of me that Ray takes. I love him to death but being an Instagram Hubby is just not his thing (think of me looking 200 lbs and 4 ft). Not pretty. And so I intend to take more mirror selfies of my looks. Stay tuned! xox

Photography by Felicia Lasala

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