Lennon's Nursery Reveal- Part 1 (The Gallery Wall)

I'm so excited to finally share Lennon's nursery! I've been working on her nursery for months and I'm so happy with how it turned out. The first step in designing the nursery was searching for inspiration. I always start with Pinterest, since it generally provides images that are similar to my aesthetic. Every nursery I came across was a similar vibe and really repetitive. The decor was either very neutral (think white, beige and llamas...kind of like Navy's nursery before I redecorated her room and I'm so over it), or too girly for me (bright colors and ruffles...no thanks). 

For Lennon's nursery, I went with a more moody vibe and added a few girly elements. I knew I wanted to paint one wall an olive color, with floating clouds and soft pink balloons above the crib. But I wasn't sure what to decorate on the other wall, above her changing table. 

When we did our photoshoot for our pregnancy announcement and gender reveal, I decided that displaying the pictures in the nursery would be perfect. The pictures were too beautiful not to display (so often we take pictures and they end up staying on my phone or computer and I never really look at them). 

So that is how I decided to do a gallery wall surrounding the changing table. When I was researching frames I came across Desenio. They have gorgeous frames and wall art. I fell in love with the dark oak frame, which fit my aesthetic of the room perfectly. I've done gallery walls in other areas of my home, but with this wall I really wanted it to be a statement. To create the vibe I was going for, I went with the 50 x 70 cm size frames, which you can see here. The frames are very lightweight and include a shatterproof acrylic glass. I also added these mats

Once I chose the frames, I had to figure out the layout. I wanted it to be symmetrical (I know the trend these days is purposely mismatched frames in different sizes and colors arranged asymmetrically but that's not really my style).  I decided to go with six frames, three on each side of the mirror. 

When it came to the installation, I removed the protective film on the acrylic glass (make sure to remove it on both sides), inserted the mat and taped the picture behind the mat to ensure they stayed in place. Ray then measured exactly where I wanted the frames to go and installed it himself. The whole process was really easy. I absolutely love how it turned out. 

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