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This is a round-up of my favorite baby products that are on the more expensive side. It's truly incredible how many things such a small baby needs. That being said, does she really need 6 different places she can chill? Probably not. But I have magically convinced myself that I need every option. After all, they all provide a different purpose (so I've convinced myself). The swing will rock her to sleep or distract her when she is fussy, whereas the Bjorn is so portable and the mat is useful for tummy time. See what I did there? I have a feeling you guys get me ;).

1. Stroller- We went with the Bugaboo Fox and I'm obsessed. It's so easy to maneuver and looks tres chic. We customized the colors (black base and white canopy), with a phone holder, cup holder and reflective wheels.

2. Car seat- This one is so light so it was a no-brainer. Plus, the colors match the stroller.

3. Baby monitors- I went a bit overboard with this but oh well. Since I'm going back to work so early, I really wanted to make sure I could watch her while I'm at the office (I probably won't be able to get any work done!). We went with the Nanit with floor stand for on top of her bassinet, which will be moved to the crib once she is sleeping in it. We also went with this pack of 3 Google Nests for around the house.

4. Swing- This is amazing for when she's fussy or overtired and doesn't want to be in the bassinet or Snoo. It's also great to put her in it when I'm working because she gets distracted with the moving objects, sounds and swinging motion. She can stay in there for a while.

5. Baby Bjorn- If you are alone, this is key. It's portable so it's really easy to bring with you around the house.

6. Mattress- This is the mattress we went with and it's the only one I would go with. It's fully breathable and waterproof.

7. Baby Carrier- Not only does this one look cute, it also has a hood that makes it easier for a baby to nap or shield them from the sun (most carriers don't have this).

8. Travel stroller- We actually still need to buy this. It's apparently the only travel stroller to get, since it acts as both a stroller and car seat.

9. Food maker- you won't need this right away but it's good to have.

10. The Snoo- Okay, so you can't register for this. But if someone wants to get you a gift, ask them to rent it for you for a month (or three). It's been a lifesaver for us.

11. Taking Cara Babies- Like the Snoo, I don't believe you can put this on a registry. But it would be a very useful gift. We are currently in the middle of watching the newborn sleep class and it's been so helpful.

12. Playmat- We love this one. It's designed to provide activities for your baby based on their different development stages. Plus it's great for awake time and tummy time.

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