Third Trimester Update

I can't believe I'm actually writing this, but I think the third trimester was my favorite trimester this pregnancy. Everyone raves about the second trimester- how you have higher energy, aren't too big, and overall can really enjoy the pregnancy- but that wasn't true for me. If you read my two second trimester updates, you know I suffered from intense rib pain and low blood pressure that would make me nauseous out of nowhere. While I LOVED getting to feel her kick, and the kicks getting stronger and more consistent, I didn't feel good physically.

Despite getting bigger and bigger in my third trimester, my health improved, making me feel 1000x better. While my blood pressure remained on the low side, I didn't have any of the negative effects of it (like nausea and dizziness). My rib pain slowly started to subside (I'm assuming as she dropped). And my energy was actually relatively high. I think it was higher than the second trimester because I was able to see a light at the end of the tunnel, sort of speak. In the first trimester, I thought the morning sickness would never end. In the second trimester, I thought the intense rib pain would never go away. But in the third trimester, I was all of a sudden able to count down the remaining weeks of my pregnancy and my energy sky-rocketed- I could do this!

My eating has been relatively the same. Ever since the first trimester, I've been eating relatively healthy (with a cheat meal a few times a week and candy here and there). So far I've gained approximately 23 pounds (and I'm 38 weeks). My doctor is happy with how things are progressing. Baby continues to grow (my stomach is huge! but everything else is relatively the same). As for exercise, I've been walking for 45 minutes 6 times a week and going to prenatal pilates 2-3 times a week.

Sleeping started becoming an issue around 34 weeks. I wake up so many times to pee that it's a very broken sleep. But I guess it's preparing me for what's to come (although I know nothing can really do that or compare). And I have an insane burning sensation just above my stomach, near my bra line. Apparently it is very common, because your skin is very thin and sensitive there, and it is being stretched to the max. But compared to my rib pain, I'll take it any day. Lastly, because of how big she is, it can sometimes be a challenge to breathe or feel my blood circulate properly. For a while, she was hitting a nerve in my leg that made it really uncomfortable. Also, I need to sleep with a few pillows so that I'm a bit upright and can breathe better. But honestly, these issues haven't gotten me down. They are a bit annoying, but nothing that's made me feel like I couldn't get through it.

I'm starting to get SO excited for her to finally be here. It seemed so far away for so long, and now it's just a couple more days or weeks!

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