My First Trimester Recap

I'm so happy to be writing my first trimester recap because it means I'm out of the first trimester and into the second. I did it! (I'm sort of kidding but sort of not...there were times where I wasn't sure how I'd get through it). I'm currently 17 weeks and 1 day.

How I was feeling

When I first found out I was pregnant, I had zero symptoms. My boobs weren't sore, nothing. Granted, I was very early when I found out (3 weeks and 5 days). In week 4, I became extremely thirsty. I'm not a big water drinker but I couldn't get enough. Nothing would quench my thirst. I also started to feel really exhausted and that lasted until around week 14. In week 5, the extreme thirst disappeared and the nausea appeared. I'm someone who gets car sick pretty easily, and I felt car sick 24/7 until week 9. I dry gagged almost every day and threw up a few times (sorry for the TMI). I felt the worst when I was hungry, but I was pretty much nauseous 24/7. I took B6 for a few weeks at the advice of my doctor, and that really helped. But when you're in it, it feels like it'll never end. When I turned 9 weeks it kind of disappeared overnight. The change happened so quickly that I actually reached out to my doctor to make sure that it was normal (DO NOT google sudden loss of symptoms, it is horrifying). I still get a bit queasy when I'm really hungry, but nothing like those few weeks. I've also been significantly more hungry than I was before, and I go from 0 to 100 (i.e. not hungry one second and then famished the next...and when I get famished watch out. Poor Ray lol).

What I ate

Because I was so nauseous, I had very strong food aversions. Pretty much everything healthy seemed disgusting to me. I could only really eat carbs. Bread, pasta (which I never used to eat), rice, udon noodle soup etc. It was pretty gross. I thought I'd for sure gain 1000 pounds but surprisingly I only gained 2 in the first trimester. Now that I'm feeling better I'm not craving unhealthy foods or carbs, but I still have strong aversions. I'm only slowly starting to get back into coffee (I had a few cappuccinos in Italy but I've been preferring matchas in LA). I'm also slowly getting back into cooked fish (although cooked salmon still grosses me out, and it used to be my fav). Since I don't eat meat, I've been trying to incorporate more fish, but it's been kind of difficult.

My Workouts

When I found out I was pregnant I put my membership at Studeo on hold. Well, actually, I went to a class at 4 weeks pregnant and it totally freaked me out. I had no idea if the little embryo was floating around and if my every move was shaking it etc. It just wasn't worth it to me. I would run (albeit pretty slowly), but the fresh air helped my nausea. Around week 9 I got back into pilates (both regular and prenatal pilates). I really miss Studeo but I'm not comfortable getting my heart rate up that much etc. If I could afford the private training I would do it, but it's probably not the best time to spend $600/month on fitness lol. So I'm going to stick with my pilates and running (for as long as I can run. My stamina is horrible these days).

My body

As I mentioned above, I gained about 2 pounds in the first trimester. But I felt like gained 10. I would get SUPER bloated after the smallest bite of food and just felt overall large. Now that I have a defined bump in my second trimester, I'm feeling better about my body and the bloating.

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