Two LED light therapy devices worth trying

I am a sucker for any serum/cream/device that claims to help reduce acne, inflammation, acne scars etc. But I'm also extremely skeptical and picky. Essentially, I mostly listen to what my esthetician, Shani Darden, teaches me. I've mentioned it before but a couple of years ago I went through a period of time where I had the worst breakouts of my entire life. Shani helped me get through them. Once we cleared up my skin, she encouraged me to try LED light therapy to help reduce any further breakouts and minimize acne scars. I reached out to Lightstim and they sent me one and I've been loving it ever since. I was recently sent the new Dr. Dennis Gross acne treatment device called the SpotLite and thought it may be helpful to compare the two devices. This post won't explain how LED therapy works, as I've already done that here. Rather, it will highlight the differences between the two devices in case you are looking to invest in one (if not both). FYI, I tend to use LED light therapy 3-4 times a week but when I have a breakout, I will use it twice a day until it goes away.

  • Size.  I had to start with the size since to me, the size is the biggest difference between the two devices. The LightStim has a larger surface area. I normally apply it in four different spots to cover my entire jawline (where I normally breakout). The Spotlite device has a much smaller surface area. The benefit of the LightStim is that you can cover more of your face, more quickly (there are 36 LEDs). The Spotlite is great to treat one specific breakout at a time and is easier to travel with. 
  • Power.  The LightStim needs to be plugged in whereas the SpotLite runs on battery. 
  • Cost.  The LightStim costs $169 whereas the SpotLite costs $52.
Overall, they're both great options and you can't go wrong. If you intend to use the device as an ongoing part of your skincare routine to kill bacteria as a way to help prevent acne and minimize acne scars then I would go with the LightStim, since it covers a larger surface area more quickly (it takes me approximately 12 minutes to cover my entire jawline for reference).  If you want it more to treat a specific breakout (like you would with an acne cream), then I would go with the SpotLite. As a reminder, these devices aren't going to perform magic. You still need a good skincare routine (read about mine here) and I suggest getting a facial a few times a year to really clean your skin. 


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