London Packing List

I'm off to London tonight for a week! I'm visiting my brother who lives there and I also have a few meetings and a shoot planned. I always start thinking about what I'm going to pack wayyy too early (cue the stickies on Mac with lists that get refined as the trip gets closer). I thought I would share with you what I decided to pack (personally, I think it would be way easier if I just followed someone else's list). This is perfect for a place thats cool (but not snowing) and a 7 day trip. In addition to the following I included this turtleneck and these jeans from yesterday's post, a few blouses for at night (like this one and this one), toiletries, makeup, hair brush and curling iron, electronics (and converter) and my carry on with all my goodies for the plane. 

1. Sweatpants // 2. Booties // 3. Dark jeans // 4. Purse // 5. Pajamas // 6. Camera // 7. Second pajama set // 8. Choker // 9. Black sweater // 10. White tee // 11. Leather jacket // 12. Grey sweater // 13. Boyfriend jeans // 14. Sparkly sneakers // 15. Puffer // 16. Pumps // 17. Black tee // 18. Grey tee // 19. Sunglasses // 20. White sneakers // 21. Black jeans

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