Two-Piece Sets for Black Tie Events

If you have a formal or black tie event coming up, you need this two-piece set. I had a wedding this past weekend and spent so much time finding the perfect look. Quite honestly, there isn't much on the market that wows me for a fancy event that is less than $200. And since I don't go to fancy events very often, I don't want to spend more than $200. This look (which is less than $65) was my runner up. I ended up going with another dress because of the weather. But I love how simple, stylish and chic this two-piece set is. And with price you obviously can't go wrong (side note: the quality is actually really good).

I was in Montreal this past weekend and had the best time. I relaxed at my moms with her adorable puppy, Henry. I saw friends, went to a BBQ up north and a wedding. It's always tough to leave Montreal after a fun weekend but once I have a good sleep in my bed, wake up to sunshine and get back into my routine, I remind myself why I love our life in LA. 

On another note, I hope everyone who lives in areas affected by the hurricanes lately are okay! Miami is like my second home and I am hoping the storm passes without causing too much damage. My thoughts are with you all! xo

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