Black and White Chic

Everyone on my Instagram is obsessed with the Nordstrom sale. Literally every second post is about it! Normally I wouldn't care because I am all about the sale life, but the sale this year isn't even that great! I went with Ray this weekend and was definitely disappointed. Most of the deals I saw I could easily get year round with a decent promo code. 

I had such a nice weekend. On Friday I tried a new pilates class and wow...I could not move all weekend (in the best way possible). I'm going to try it again on Wednesday. Friday night I had a girls night. We went to this newish restaurant in West Hollywood called Rosaline. The food was so good and the drinks were even more delicious. Saturday I went spinning (yes, even though I couldn't move from Pilates). Then I went with Ray to try and find new jeans for him. No luck unfortunately. Saturday night we had the best date night. We went to Il Cielo in Beverly Hills for dinner and then walked around where we used to live. Sunday we spent the entire morning in bed, watching tv and relaxing with Luca. Then we went grocery shopping and for an hour walk. It was the perfect weekend. 

Now on to this look. I definitely overpacked for Montreal and Miami but I was so happy that I brought this top with me. I swear it looks and feels like a top you would find at Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue, but it only  costs around $50. 

Photography by Felicia Lasala

*This top is sold out but I listed some of my other favorites below

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