The Peasant Blouse

This weekend Ray and I were on a mission to find outdoor furniture. Let me preface by saying we have a balcony with a gorgeous view of Beverly Hills. Our balcony, however, is quite small. We've rarely used it in the year and a half we've lived here. 

When my mom was here last week she was on the balcony a lot (since Henry, her puppy, would do his business on astroturf outside). Since she was spending so much time outside we started talking about the space more. We decided that while it's quite small, we should be taking advantage of the gorgeous summer nights. After all, what's better than ending your day with glass of rosé, a beautiful view, warm weather and John Mayer in the background? 

We decided to head to the Valley to do some research. We started at Home Goods (my personal fav) and they had nothing! All they had were a few ugly chairs for $299 each. Very disappointing. Then we made our way to Home Depot. At first we saw nice Adirondack chairs for cheap (if you are looking for them then definitely go to Home Depot, they had a few variations). Then we noticed these Zero Gravity chairs (the ones where you lean back and the foot rests lifts up). While I will admit they are not the most chic, they are insanely comfortable. We ordered 2 on Amazon for a total of  $70. So excited to get them and put them to good use. 

On to my outfit. I got this top and boots from Vici Collection. I seriously could buy all of their items. They have such good buyers! I lived in this peasant blouse in Palm Springs. It's light and airy while still being flattering. 

Photography by Felicia Lasala

Top and Shoes by Vici Collection

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