Athleisure meets work chic

When it comes to dressing for business meetings for She Went West, I am always flustered. Do I dress like I would for a meeting in my legal practice? Do I dress casual, in my ripped one teaspoons or oversized sweater and skinny jeans? I'm slowly learning that there isn't one right answer. It really depends on who the meeting is with and what the relationship is like (Is it our first time meeting/collaborating? Have we worked together before?). 

This is my ideal outfit for a meeting where I want to be a bit more dressed up without "trying to hard." I call it athleisure meets work chic. The pants are extremely comfortable (almost feel like sweatpants) but the black with white stripe dresses it up. If I wanted to dress it down I would style it with white sneakers. 

Photography by Felicia Lasala

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