My Favorite Things to Do in LA

Today I thought I would do a different type of post. I often get asked what's the best things to do in LA. Ray and I definitely have our routines and parts of the city we are obsessed with (and parts we avoid at all costs). Scroll down to read 10 of our favorite things do in LA. 

1. Dinner at The Ivy- I should say this is my favorite thing to do in LA (not necessarily Ray's). Whenever I used to visit I always made it a point to go there for dinner. Now that I live here it remains one of my favorite places to eat. The decor is so beautiful (fresh roses on every table) and the food is delicious and healthy. It is very expensive though so we don't go very often. My favorite dishes are the tuna tartar, ivy chopped salad and sea bass. Plus they give you a free glass of champagne when you walk in. What could be better?

2. Malibu Country Mart- Everyone always loves to visit Santa Monica third street promenade and we avoid it at all costs (sorry!). Santa Monica is SO touristy and all the shops are chains. Malibu is so much more charming. The landscape is beautiful, there are great boutiques and good food options (Tony's Tavern and Malibu Kitchen, to name a few). 

3. Walk around Beverly Hills- I may be biased because I live and work in Beverly Hills but it truly is one of the prettiest neighborhoods. Rodeo Drive is fun to walk around but all of the streets in 90210 are really beautiful. Ray and I often do our night walks around the streets because the storefronts are amazing and the houses are so inspiring (inspiring meaning I need to work even harder to be able to afford one one day). 

4. Drinks at the Polo Lounge- The Beverly Hills Hotel is iconic, need I say more? It reminds me of old school Hollywood, with someone playing piano and everyone drinking dirty martinis and champagne. Not to mention the palm tree wallpaper is my dream (#bathroom goals). 

5. Cycle House- The best place to spin in LA. I took my first class the day after I moved here and I've been hooked ever since. I only take Nichelle or Aaron's class. It's the opposite of Soul Cycle in terms of environment and attitude. Highly recommend it. 

6. Coffee at Verve. While everyone loves Alfreds, I highly recommend Verve. The location on Melrose has a beautiful outdoor area and the iced coffee and chai is amazing. 

7. Temescal Canyon hike- While I do like Runyon Canyon, Temescal Canyon is more challenging without being too hard. Ray has taken me on some hikes where I thought I was going to die. Not fun. Sometimes I think he forgets he married someone with skills to walk in 6 inch heels but with the inability to do anything too adventurous (aka climb the steepest canyon in LA). Temescal is a good middle ground. I suggest hiking Temescal and then heading to Malibu for brunch.

8. Brentwood Country Mart- This area of LA is amazing. Ray would love to live there one day. In the middle of this neighborhood is a County Mart filled with cute boutiques like Calypso, Free People and Intermix, restaurants and ice cream shops. Have lunch or dinner at A Votre Sante.

9. Walk around Franklin Canyon Park. This is truly a hidden treasure. It's a gorgeous pond in the middle of Beverly Hills. Unless you know about it you would never pass it. It's a pretty short walk but beautiful if you're looking for an easy walk with a scenic view. I definitely want to do a picnic there one day. 

10. Sugarfish- The best sushi we have ever hard. Everyone we take is always obsessed. We love to go to the one in Beverly Hills and drink a few bottles of Sake while we wait for our table (think $8 a bottle). While it can be a while before you get your table, just relax and have a drink. It's worth the wait!

Photography by Felicia Lasala

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