Embroidery Love

Clearly you guys are as in love with this embroidered top as I am, since it was my most-liked picture on Instagram. It's so funny because I never know if a picture will be a huge hit or a so-so post. I am slowly getting better at predicting a picture's success. There are a few factors involved, such as whether or not I'm in the picture (pictures that I am in do way better), whether it is my first or second post of the day, what time I post etc. Every now and again a picture completely takes me off guard. This was the case with this top. I never expected it to be my most-liked picture but I'm so glad it was as I'm obsessed with this top. Be prepared to see me wearing it all summer on the beach. 

Did you see Luca's teepee on my Instagram story? It didn't turn out as well as I hoped (Ray and I are no Martha Stewart or Cupcakes and Cashmere) but it'll do! It was kind of a reminder for me to stick to fashion/beauty/hair rather than DIY lifestyle posts, but I guess it's always good to experiment and try new things. I'll post it on IG in case you missed it xoxo

Photography by Felicia Lasala

Top by Santa Marguerite 
Wedges by Vici Collection


  1. Love this whole look! I did see the teepee and I thought it looked so cute!!

    1. Thanks hun!!! Gotta give all the credit to my hubby. I just watched and engaged on Insta while he built it lol! xoxox