Botox in a bottle? Yes, please!

When I first moved to LA I started to hear people recommend using anti-aging products. Whether it was estheticians, dermatologists, friends or the magazines I was reading, I thought they were all nuts. After all I'm only 28. I know 28 in LA terms is "old", but c'mon, anti-aging products?  So I started to do some research and quickly learned that that they were all right. While we don't need to worry about wrinkles appearing any time soon, the earlier you start using anti-aging products, the better. By using anti-aging products in your skincare routine at an earlier age you are helping to prevent premature aging. 

I wouldn't say go run to the La Mer counter and buy the most expensive anti-aging serum they have. Rather, try to include a few products in your skincare routine. That's what I have been doing lately and loving it. Recently I've been incorporating Stridermatox products in my routine. The products have a high concentration of Matrixyl, Argireline and Hyaluronic Acid. I'm sure you have heard of Hyaluronic Acid. It helps with tissue hydration which is key to smoother and more hydrated skin. The more hydrated your skin is, the better. Matrixyl stimulates collagen synthesis and skin repair and Argireline helps reduce the depth and size of wrinkles. 

I won't lie- there is huge temptation in LA to start with botox at a young age (and yes, I've had an injection here and there). But over the past year I've moved away from that and started to take better care of my skin. That includes getting regular facials and making sure each product I use serves a purpose and reacts well with my skin.  And if the products help avoid requiring botox (and the $$ that goes with it) then I'm all for it!

My favorite is the wrinkle and frown cream. I apply it in the morning before I do my makeup and before bed. One of my biggest complaints with face creams is that they leave an oily residue, making it impossible to apply my makeup properly. This cream is water-based and absorbs really quickly so I don't have that issue. A few days a week I'll incorporate the defying lifting serum and apply it before the cream. Then I apply the eye gel

You can use the code "SHEWENTWEST" to get 20% off. The best part is if you don't love the products there is a money-back guarantee. If you try Stridermatox let me know what you think! xo

This post is in collaboration with Stridermatox. As always, all opinions are my own. 


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