Essentials First

The more I blog, the more I realize that my style is pretty simple. What do I mean by "simple"? I mean classic while still being chic. There are tons of bloggers that I love to follow who have incredible style. Think Vogue spreads and Fashion Week looks. While I love to get inspiration from them, the style is not necessarily realistic for my lifestyle. Every now and then I buy an "out there" piece (aka a man repeller piece) and end up rarely wearing it. My most exciting night consists of going to Sugarfish for dinner and the Polo lounge for drinks (just kidding..not really). But in all honesty my lifestyle is more conducive to "simple" looks. 

That brings me to the importance of essentials. If you don't invest in the more "runway" style pieces, it is so important to invest in good basics. I think that they are pieces that often get overlooked. To me, there is nothing better than a crisp white shirt, denim jeans and a classic pair of heels. A red Chanel doesn't hurt either. 

I love this white button down by Camixa. It is lightweight and breathable, with a relaxed fit. It can be dressed up or down, depending on what you pair it with. Camixa makes a great range of blouses. My other favorites include this black silk shirt and this lace up blouse in every color.  

Tomorrow morning I have a shoot bright and early! Then I'm going to spend the day with Ray (hopefully it includes a massage) and making dinner (our Valentine's Day tradition). Sunday I am hoping to do nothing (and by nothing I mean sit on the couch and work on She Went West). Have a great weekend! xo

Photography by Felicia Lasala

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