Oldie but Goodie

If this jacket is familiar it's because I own it in grey and posted it here. I bought the jackets at Zara during the Black Friday sale. They were $60 each on sale (how could I not buy both?). I really love the color of this one. It's perfect for winter months. I paired it with one of my favorite shoes. I know that Valentino rockstuds are no longer really in style, but I'm still obsessed with mine. The olive color contrasted with the gold studs is such a beautiful combination. Also, I bought these for myself the weekend I found out I passed the California bar, so they have special significance to me. Lastly, when you spend so much money on shoes it is such a shame to just put them away. 

How was your weekend? It rained like crazy in LA yesterday. I had a shoot planned that I had to move, so that was disappointing. But I actually loved spending the day cozy inside. Ray watched football (obviously) and I spent the day working on She Went West. I started posting more Instagram stories this weekend and really enjoyed it! I plan to do it way more often. I'm also in talks with a few fun collaborations. Can't wait to share! xoxox


Photography by Felicia Lasala

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