December Beauty Favorites

Happy Friday! Welcome to my first monthly beauty favorites post! If you have ever seen my makeup powder room (yes, I have a room dedicated just to my makeup) you will understand my excitement with this series. I am always looking for new products to try and invest a lot of time in trying new looks and combinations. This series will be an opportunity for me to share with you new products, old favorites and makeup combinations that I'm obsessed with. Let's get started!

Chanel Tan De Soleil

It is only fitting that I start the post with a bronzer, since I own a million bronzers. Most bronzers that I own are powders. I can do a post specifically on the different kinds if you would like. Chanel Tan De Soleil has to be one of my favorites. The consistency is different than any other I have tried. It is very hard to describe. It is sort of like a balm that then applies like a powder. I will say that the color is relatively light. So I use it when I just want a natural glow. I highly recommend investing in it. It lasts forever.

Anastasia Illuminator- Riviera

Another thing I own a million of (what don't I?) is highlighters. They are all so different and can be used for different purposes! Anastasia of Beverly Hills and Becca make the nicest ones by far. This highlighter gives an incredible glow without being too shimmery. I use it for night looks and when I'm fairly bronzed (which is Thursday to Sunday 😉).

Becca Backlight Primer

I am pretty picky about primers. Some primers that people are obsessed with (like the Marc Jacobs one) simply don't work for me. They either irritate my skin or don't mix well when I apply my foundation. This Becca primer is by far my favorite when you want a glow. I am on my fourth or fifth bottle. I use it when my skin is feeling a bit dull in the winter. I also use it when I am on vacation and don't feel like wearing foundation. It leaves the skin looking bright and glowing from within. 

Charlotte Tillbury Luxury Palette- Uptown Girl

I rarely buy single eye shadows anymore. Since eye shadows last so long, I prefer to have a smaller amount of one color and get more color options. I absolutely love this palette. The quality is amazing and it's the perfect color combination for a weekend night out. Palettes are also so much easier to travel with. If you like the grey/black smokey eye look I would recommend this one.

Eva-NYC Soften Up Conditioner and Rock-A-Wave Curl Cream

I was recently sent these products from Eva NYC. I am normally extremely skeptical when it comes to hair products and just listen to what my good friend and hair colorist recommends for me. So, to be honest, when I got these products I didn't have high expectations. The conditioner and curl cream are incredible!! If you are looking to invest in one product I would say go with the curl cream. It is unlike any other product I've tried. I sent a picture to my best friend of my hair air dried using the curl cream and she couldn't believe I didn't use my wand. They sent me a travel size so I'll probably finish it relatively soon and would definitely purchase the full size bottle. It's also super well priced (less than $15 for a bottle??). Yes please. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! So happy that it's Friday. As I mentioned on Wednesday I have two shoots this weekend. One is around Melrose and the other will take place at our house (my hubby and shihpoo may make an appearance)! The hubby and I have started watching Christmas/holiday movies to get in the holiday spirit. Wednesday night after work we bought a bottle of red wine and watched The Family Man. Do you remember the movie? It's so good. It was fun watching it again years later. Tonight we are watching Serendipity (my choice). Hope you have a lovely weekend! xoxo

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