Rose Embroidery

Happy Monday! Hope you guys had a great weekend. I had a lot of work to do/meetings on Saturday and on Sunday Ray and I spent the day in Venice and Manhattan beach visiting friends. I am in a particularly good mood this Monday because we leave for London on Wednesday!!! We have a wedding. Ray has never been and I haven't been in years so I'm so excited!! I might not post a lot on Instagram but I will definitely post Instagram stories, so follow along!

How cute is this sweater? There are so many nights where we go for dinner and I just feel like being cozy. This type of sweater is perfect for that situation because it's a cozy hoodie but the rose embroidery makes it a bit more fancy and less casual.  

Photography by Felicia Lasala

The Ideal Jumpsuit

I'm definitely guilty of claiming that every post is my "favorite look" but this time I really mean it ( of my favorite looks). When I got this jumpsuit from Vici Collection I thought it could either be a hit or miss. Either I would wear it all summer or I would run to the post office as soon as I could to return it. When I took it out of the packaging I still wasn't sure (but hey, for the price it was worth the risk). Once I tried it on I was obsessed. I will say the jumpsuit has two design elements that save it from being the ultimate man repeller piece. For one, the cropped pants make the flare actually flattering. The other design element- the cut outs on the waist- make the jumpsuit relatively slimming. Pair it with a delicate heel and you are good to go!

I decided to style the jumpsuit with my favorite Anzie rings. If you aren't familiar with Anzie jewelry, I highly suggest checking them out. The line was started by Anzie and is now run by Anzie and her two daughters. It's been one of my favorite jewelry brands forever- and not just because the line was started in Montreal ;). The pieces are original and timeless, and can be dressed up for a fancy event or styled for a casual/fun look, like in this post. Here are a few of my other favorite pieces: the Aztec Starburst ring, the Starburst bracelet (how gorgeous is it??), and the Dew Drop bracelet. I heard they are having an online sale very soon so stay tuned! 

UPDATE: Anzie's sale is live! Check it out here-

Photography by Felicia Lasala
Jumpsuit by Vici Collection
Rings by Anzie

Summer Dress

Happy Monday! I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. Friday and Saturday Ray and I went to dealerships to check out new cars. Our lease is up soon and we want to get a SUV. I think we are debating between a Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Land Rover Discovery (I'm leaning towards the Rover). We still have a few months to go so we will see. Yesterday we walked around Beverly Hills, starting at Franklin Canyon and then walking around the neighborhood streets in the hills. This is one of our favorite activities. We park on a random street and walk Luca, looking at the most beautiful homes. Yesterday we parked behind the Beverly Hills Hotel. The homes are BEYOND. I wish I could see what they all look like inside. 

How beautiful is this ASTARS maxi dress? I love the print and gorgeous back. It's perfect for a summer wedding. I don't own a lot of maxi dresses so I'm excited to have one in my wardrobe.

Photography by Felicia Lasala

Dress by ASTARS

Summer Essentials

I bought this beautiful white dress 40% off when I was in NYC a few weeks ago. I knew it would become a summer staple. Since I know not everyone shops as much as I do (shh!) I thought I would roundup my summer essentials. 

1. A white dress (duh!). Honestly though, they go with everything and there is nothing better than white in the summertime. This is my first "expensive" (but then reasonable since I bought it on sale) white dress I own. I've always wanted to invest in one but was never obsessed until I tried this one on. 

2. Jean shorts. Get One Teaspoon bandits and you are good to go. 

3. White tee. Okay, so this isn't a summer staple but a staple for all year. If you don't own a good white tee, buy one. I can't tell you how often I wear a white tee alone, under a sweater, jacket, cardigan, blazer etc. My favorites are Rag and Bone and James Perse.

4. Ankle Booties. This may surprise you but ankle booties are crucial for summer. Think of BBQs, long walks, spending time on your feet all day etc. While I love to wear heels at night, it's just not realistic when you're on your feet so much. Ankle booties are the answer. My favorites are the Isabel Marant ones I'm wearing (link below).

5. Go-to sunglasses. You need at least one pair of sunnies you love. Mine are the Quay oversized aviators I wear in nearly every post. 

6. Ripped Jeans. You can decide if you want them baggy, skinny, one small rip or a bunch of rips. Either way, they scream summer. Pair them with a white tee, ankle booties and sunnies and you are good to go! 

7. A light jacket. Mine is obviously a Moto jacket but it doesn't have to be. I would suggest investing in a black one so that it can go with everything. 

8. Nude underwear. This is a random one, I know. I just stocked up on my favorite nude underwear from Uniqlo. Let's face it, we wear a lot more white during the summer and nude underwear is necessary. 

9. Lipgloss. Another random one, I know. But you need to have your go-to summer lip gloss with you at all times (liquid lip or lipstick will do too!). My favorites tend to be from Mac. 

10. Cute sandals. I posted a pair of sandals on my IG yesterday and wow, the reaction was incredible. So far over 60,000 people have seen the picture and tons have liked/saved it. I was actually hesitant to post that pic but I'm glad I did! Anyway, a cute pair of sandals like that are a summer essential. 

Photography by Felicia Lasala

Summer Fun

Navy and gold is one of my favorite combinations, especially with a golden glow. This two-piece navy outfit is so much fun. I don't wear skirts very often but I fell in love with this one. It's by LOVESHACKFANCY and I'm obsessed with every piece in their collection. I bought it at Saks Off Fifth. If you've never been, I highly recommend it. It definitely can be a hit or miss but if you find something you love, the discounts are great. This look was around 65% off!

The details of these sandals are so beautiful. I've mentioned my obsession with pom poms before but this takes it to another level. They are by a brand called Alameda Turquesa. Can't wait to wear them all summer. 

Ray and I just finished rearranging our bedroom. We moved our bed and side tables around I think it makes the room warmer and more cozy. Now I'm working on a gallery wall. It's so much fun going through old pictures and choosing the ones to use. I'll definitely give you guys a tour when I'm done! xox

Photography by Felicia Lasala

A Day At the beach

There is no better outfit to post on a Friday than a beach look with a coconut, am I right? As you guys are probably familiar by now, I shoot quite a few pieces in Santa Marguerite. I just love the embroidery and how perfect they are for summer. I styled this one with a plain pair of black denim shorts I got a few summers ago. If I were to style it for an evening look, I would pair it with black jeans, and black high heel sandals.

Today I have the day off and it is desperately needed. I plan on doing a bunch of errands and then heading out to a coffee shop to work on my editorial calendar (so technically I am working a bit today). I have a conference on Saturday and then heading to Malibu on Sunday. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend xox 

Photography by Felicia Lasala