New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!! 2016 was an exciting year, primarily because I launched She Went West. It took a lot of courage but I am so glad that I did. The response has been overwhelming and I have truly enjoyed every minute.

In honor of the New Year, I have rounded up my resolutions for 2017. 

1. Live in the present. This one may sound cliché but for me it couldn't be any more true. As I mentioned in my Dressing for NYE post, I am a planner. I plan everything days, weeks and even years in advance. I spend so much time focusing on the future, I often forget to live in the present. I catch myself saying "that went by so fast" all of the time. Most of the time it goes by so fast because I am not focused on living in the present. 
I should clarify that planning is not always a bad thing. In fact, I think that it helped get me where I am today. However, if you focus too much on the future you will never really enjoy what you have in the present. Since I have a Type A personality and anxiety, letting go and living in the moment is a challenge. I need to practice being grateful for what I have now rather than anxious about what is to come and remember that what I have today is what I dreamt about years ago. 
2. Practice new recipes. Over the past year Ray and I have become amazing at grocery shopping. You might think this is ridiculous but it's actually really hard to do. When we first moved to LA we would go to the grocery store, spend tons of money, come home and feel like we had nothing to eat. It was so frustrating. Over the years we have learnt how to shop properly on a budget.  That being said, I tend to make the same recipes over and over again. This year I want to branch out, learn to cook new recipes and maybe even take a few cooking classes. 
3. Purchase a good camera. Currently, my photographer takes all of the pictures for the blog and I take the other pictures for Instagram with my iPhone. I would love invest in a good camera to capture more pictures, create more lifestyle posts and maybe even start vlogging. 

4. Read more. One of my holiday gifts was a Kindle (yes, I have never owned one before). For years I said I preferred to hold a book and flip the pages, rather than read it on a screen. However, nothing can beat the ease of ordering a book in a second and avoiding lugging a few books on vacation. This year I am going to make a concerted effort to read more..and no, Vogue doesn't count ;). 
5. Be less sensitive. This may seem like a weird one but if you have a highly sensitive personality, you will understand the struggle. I actually never knew there was a term for it until a few months ago. I have always struggled with this but now with She Went West and putting myself out there online, it is so important to work on developing a thick skin and not letting things get to me so much. 
6. Film makeup tutorials. I started showing my makeup on Instagram stories and have received a great response. I am obsessed with beauty (almost as much as I am with fashion). I can spend hours at Sephora, Ulta or even Walgreens (US pharmacies have the best makeup).  I absolutely love doing my makeup and would love to share my different makeup routines with you. The first step is to invest in a camera (see #3 above!).

7. Meditate three times a week. This one relates to the first resolution. I find meditating extremely difficult. My mind constantly wanders and I always finish meditating feeling like I have failed and wasted my time. But, just like anything else, I know it takes practice. 
8. Care less about what other people think. I am slowly getting better at this. Being a highly sensitive person, you can end up living your life worried about what other people think rather than trusting yourself and your own choices. Everyone will always have an opinion and everyone's opinions are different. I need to care less about what other people think of me (my career, my blog, my choices) and trust myself. 
9. Wear more red and pink lipstick. My beauty routine tends to be more natural looking, with a nude or light pink lip. I probably own 20-30 nude lipsticks, and can write a thesis explaining the differences between each of them. Recently I have been wearing more deep pinks and reds and loving it. I always feel self-conscious when I do it but get tons of compliments. It's fun to mix things up. 
10. Plan more date nights. For some, this resolution may be perplexing. Ray and I spend so much time together, since our best friends and family live around the world (London, Montreal, Miami, Toronto, NYC etc). We do get A LOT of visitors though. So when we have a weekend without visitors we try and just relax and save money. Consequently, months can go by without a proper date night. I need to be better at spacing visitors and making an effort when we are alone. While there is nothing like Wildfox sweats, red wine and Million Dollar Listing, it is important to dress up and have a fun night out just the two of us. 

Photography by Felicia Lasala

Storets sweater, Frame denim (similar), Zara boots, Quay sunglasses

Dressing for NYE

I am definitely a planner. I plan where I'm going to eat, what I'm going to eat, what I'm going to drink, what outfit I will wear etc. way in advance.  Let's just say, being spontaneous is not my strong suit. For some reason, however, I never plan my NYE outfit until last minute. I think it's because I feel like NYE is overrated, so I don't give it as much thought. Undoubtedly I always regret that a few days before when I'm scrambling to decide what to wear. 

In case you are like me and still don't know what you're going to wear, I have listed my favorite options down below. Thank god for overnight shipping!

The outfit I am wearing in this post is definitely an option. I love the way the choker is attached to the blouse. And these have to be my favorite Paige pants. I have owned them for years and take them on every holiday I go to.

Here is a list of my last minute faves! Let me know what you guys plan on wearing and if you choose any outfits from the list below! xoxo

Photography by Felicia Lasala

Missguided top, Paige pants, YSL clutch (similar), Christian Louboutin heels, Quay sunglasses

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays from my family to yours!! This was such a fun shoot. I always dreamt of having a family Christmas card. Since I knew my lovely photographer would be over one day, I decided to take advantage and do a Christmas shoot. Ray (and Luca) were such good sports. I felt kind of bad because I knew Ray's friends would tease him about it. Oh well. 

  I saw this blouse at Zara and thought it would be the perfect look for a Christmas card. And, of course, I had to include my Gucci fur princetowns (they're so wintery, right?)

Seriously, how cute is Luca?? Since we've been married for over two years people constantly ask when we're going to have a kid. I always think to myself we already have one, duh! 

I am so grateful for this family of mine. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday filled with laughter, family, friends and champagne xoxo

Photography by Felicia Lasala

Zara blouse, Rag and Bone jeans (similar)- I cut the bottoms, Gucci princetown loafer

A Version of the Moto Jacket

I've mentioned before that a moto jacket is a necessary item in a wardrobe. So necessary that I own 6 (shhh- they are all different!). This is a recent purchase from Black Friday. I bought it at Zara in both colors (the other one is Khaki). It's the perfect fit and great for LA weather. I was eyeing it for weeks but waiting for Thanksgiving to buy it on sale. 

I know that I wore these jeans and boots in my post on Monday, but the fact is I wear this combination all of the time. While I love to show different looks, I feel that it is important to show how to mix and match items in your wardrobe. I live in these jeans (more than I would like to admit). They are comfortable, go with everything, and can be dressed up or down. What's your favorite black denim?

Last night we went to Sugarfish. It was amazing, as always. If you are ever in LA, Sugarfish is a must!  We leave for Miami tomorrow night. Looking for a good book to read over the holidays. Any recommendations? Feel free to comment below or email me at Thanks! xoxo

Photography by Felicia Lasala

Zara jacket, Aritzia tank, Rag and Bone jeans, Zara Boots, Celine purse, Quay sunglasses

The Victorian Trend

I am all about the Victorian trend. From the frills, to high neck blouses and pouffy sleeves, I need one of each. The trend is definitely a statement (aka a man repeller). Let's just say my hubby wasn't pumped about this purchase. I have also tried to incorporate more color into my wardrobe recently. Most of my clothes are black, grey and white. This blue really stood out.  

I discovered Cotton Citizen this weekend. Any fans out there? Ray and I decided to walk around Melrose place on Saturday. After picking up a tea from Alfred's tea room (the chai is my favorite) we wandered into Cotton Citizen. They have really good basic sweats (but definitely expensive). When we got back into the car I checked out their Instagram and saw they were on the last day of a three day sample sale. We decided to check it out. We got there 30 minutes before it closed. I got a pair of sweatpants over 65% off (but I do need to get them tailored) and Ray got a sweater. Honestly you could go to a different sample sale every weekend in LA- there is no point of buying anything full price. 

We also spent this weekend cooking a few Blue Apron meals. Have any of you tried it? Ray's brother got us a gift certificate and it has been so much fun! The recipes are so easy and the food is delicious (albeit, not my normal strict diet). Have a great week xoxo


Photography by Felicia Lasala

Storets sweater, Rag and Bone jeans, Zara boots, Celine purse, Quay sunglasses

Dressing Up Ripped Jeans

Happy Friday! As I mentioned when I first launched my blog, I started shooting for it two years ago. This is one of the shoots from then (the tan should give it away). I still love the look though. These are one of my favorite pairs of denim. One Teaspoon makes the best ripped jeans and jean shorts. This look was influenced by a look Monica Rose styled for Chrissy Tiegen a few years ago. How do you get your style inspiration?

This weekend Ray and I are going to take it easy. On Monday my best friend comes to visit for a few days and on Thursday we head to Miami for nearly two weeks. Hope you have a great weekend xox

One Teaspoon Jeans, Forever 21 coat (similar), Club Monaco heels, Chanel Purse, Karen Walker Sunglasses

Living and Dining Room Tour

I am so excited to share with you my living and dining room! When I first decided to start She Went West I knew I wanted it to be primarily fashion.  Then I had to decide whether I wanted to incorporate beauty and lifestyle. Given my obsession with lipgloss, highlighters, Home Goods and Zillow (yes, I stalk homes online every night) I knew it wasn't even a question. 
As I mentioned in my Tips for Home Decor post, I've moved five times over the past seven years (from my apartment in Soho in New York, to a place I rented in Montreal, to a condo my husband I bought in Montreal, to a place we rented in LA on Doheny Drive and now to our condo in Beverly Hills). With each move I've refined my style. 
 I got my love for home decor from my mom. Growing up I remember constantly getting compliments on the interior of our home.  It was written up in several home decor magazines and books. Here is one of the books that featured our hallway on the cover. Needless to say I was so excited about the opportunity to decorate my own home. And much to my mom's dismay (just kidding..not really) I went for the complete opposite look. My color palette is..well...white. I loved the idea of coming home to a clean, fresh, bright space. 
Before leaving New York I went into Shabby Chic and purchased a dining room table and chairs. When I moved back to Montreal I visited antique shops in the suburbs of Quebec. There I found some gorgeous rustic pieces for cheap.  And, of course, I filled my home with pieces my mom gave to me from the house I grew up in.

The condo building we live in now is four floors, with two units per floor. We're on the top floor and therefore the unit is so bright, with tons of skylights. It is incredible that with every move I manage to fit the furniture in just right. That's the beauty of good pieces- they will follow you forever.

A friend of mine on Instagram asked how I keep the white couch so clean. I don't! I bought this couch when I was 18 and didn't really think it through. While I love the all white look (obviously) it is such a pain to keep clean! Every now and again I will remove the slip covers to wash them. Eventually I may need to replace them. 
Here are some questions I often get asked: 

1. Where are your favorite places to shop for furniture and accessories?

Home Goods, Wayfair (we recently purchased our King size bed and mirrored side tables from there),  Shabby Chic and vintage stores (the Melrose Trading Post has some great pieces). 

2. Where is your white couch from?

It is from a store called Montauk. Don't ask how we got it into our home. We moved here just under a year ago. As expected, it took the entire day to move all of our furniture. By the time 5:50 pm rolled around, I was dead. The couch was the last piece of furniture the movers needed to bring in. They tried to fit it in the elevator and it wouldn't fit. Then they tried to carry it up the staircase and it didn't fit. I was literally speechless. Were they going to leave the expensive sofa on the street?? In the end they had to take it to their warehouse and bring it back the next day AND we had to hire a crane to bring the couch in through the window. What an ordeal. 

3. Where is your coffee table from?

Home Sense. It was only $300! I knew I wanted an oversized coffee table and I loved the way the wood looked with the white couch.

4. Where is your bar cart from?

I bought mine on Craigslist from an elderly couple. Stay tuned for a post on how to style a bart cart. 

5. What's the story with that ladder?

That was my mom's idea. We saw it at a boutique that sold vintage pieces and she said it would be a great piece to have in my living room. At first I tried to have plants on it but since I don't have a green thumb that idea didn't last long. Instead I draped a green throw over it. 

6. If you had to invest in one or two pieces what would it be?

Definitely a couch and dining room table (although I have to say we recently switched to a King size bed and it's kind of incredible). 

7. Where do you get your inspiration?

I love to browse the Internet, especially Pinterest. However, when I lived in New York (and Pinterest didn't exist yet), I would go to Barnes and Noble in Union Square, get a Starbucks, and flip through home decor books. Reading the books in the store is the best way to do it since they are so expensive. They can give you some great inspiration and help you narrow down your style. 

8. Are you renting or do you own this condo?

We're renting. We still own our condo in Montreal that we rent out. If we owned this condo I would definitely invest to fix a few things (the floor, kitchen countertops, fireplace etc). However, it works for us for now. I wish you could see the view! If you want to see what it looks like check out my Instagram (I've posted a few pics).